Getting engagement in social media marketing is not that easy!

Social Media Marketing should be one of the most important parts of your marketing mix. Not only for reputation management but also to hunt out trends that you can carry your brand, products and services along with. Whether this is organically or by the use of social advertising.

Marketing Company have had years of experience dealing with every to do with Social media marketing and we take care of your business and brand. From the initial planning and strategy of each campaign, right the way through to the creative and execution we are their for your business. We then monitor and measure campaign effectiveness throughout the social listening and prepare / prevent your brand and business for any potential reputation damage.


Social Performance For Your Business

Social Performance For Your Business

Social Media Marketing is all about consistency, engagement, interaction and content creation. If you are only popping out a few offers and deals to your followers then you are not doing it right!

Start With Planning

Planning a social media marketing campaign is not for the faint hearted, but without the plan you have no chance of real success. We can get the strategy right for your business.

Set Your Business Goals

You have to have goals for where you want your business to be. You also have to make realistic goals for your social media marketing efforts. Talk to us about social goal planning.

Content Is King

That saying keeps going on and on, but it is 100% true. Content is king and what you push out is a representation of your brand or business. Make sure it is not doing you harm.

Analyse The Impact

Do you analyse how well your social media marketing is doing for your business? You should be, but not everyone knows how. Let the Marketing Company help you.

Social Ad Impact Promotion

Social Media Marketing is about building a following. But targeted social ads can dramatically change the traffic to your products and services especially in Facebook.

Social landing page creation, sales & data funnels

Campaign Targeting, Audience Mapping, Analytics

Social Monitoring, Measuring & Reporting

Boosting performance in Social Media Marketing is of the utmost importance and constant change must be made to carry on the back of social trends.

Social conversion analytics & monitoring

Split testing, Content optimisation and more.




There are many social media marketing channels out there but we focus on the ones that will bring the difference. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin. We provide the strategy and positioning for your business to build traffic, engagement and interaction.
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You Have To Jump In To Social Media

With 100's of Social Media Marketing Campaigns Executed we are your partner in this area. Don't forget you have to think engagement!

Weekly / Monthly Analysis & Reporting

Social excellence is a process and we have been able to provide fast track solutions to many SME businesses internationally.

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