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I want to start selling more online but I just can't seem to get people buying!

We here this all the time at the Marketing Company but the facts are that this can be due to a multitude of factors. Most probably it could be your Ecommerce website design that has not been built for marketability based on research into your sector. Most of the time we find issues due to the fact that it has been built by your designer literally as a place to enable the selling of products, not for marketing and selling them for you.

We look at your product portfolio and also your market sector to establish the key metrics surrounding your offering. We segment every bit of data and research we gather to come up with a strong plan and strategy of approach. Only when we get this right do we look at the Ecommerce website design phase. It is important to get the research done at the beginning and design in-line with how products in your segment are being bought by buyers. We can then using the research we have gather determine the best solution for you to maximise your sales from your Ecommerce platform.


Ecommerce Website Design For Your Business

Ecommerce Website Design For Your Business

Designing for sales traction in Ecommerce is always about the initial research into where you are going to get the most conversions from your products online. We take this seriously and prepare your business for growth utilising Ecommerce website design

The Research Phase

Research into your market segment is of the utmost importance. It's how to can find out what sort of traffic you can get to your online store.

Your Selling Goals

Your Selling goals for your new Ecommerce platform have to be realistic and backed by data within your market. We ensure that you have accurate information.

Product Inventory

Is your product inventory the best in your industry? Or do you sell a specialised small product inventory? These all determine the marketing strategy you should commence with.

Measuring Conversions

You have to be measuring the ROI you are getting from your Ecommerce marketing activities. We build your Ecommerce platform to encompass measurement instruments.

We Use Tools That You Can Manage

We utilise one of the best Ecommerce back-end software in the World. This ensures that if needed you can manage and control every aspect.

Shopify & Magento Custom Builds.

Back-end Management That You Can Use & Control.

Ecommerce Integrated Marketing

We use specialist product boosting technology to enhance the products you are selling. You have to include response driven techniques to get people to buy online.

Integrated "Buy Now" count-downs and deal enhancers.

Product Optimisation and integrated Product Boost.




When you start to sell online it is most likely that you are not the only one selling your inventory of products. Competitors might, quite possibly have the same and you must ensure that you stay competitive.
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Ecommerce Website Design is a process and we have been able to provide fast track solutions to many SME and blue-chip businesses internationally.

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