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How do I get people to enter their information then re-market to build a relationship with them?

To be honest it is never easy securing prospect leads and then re-marketing to them to create conversions through a sequence of landing page funnels. You have to be smart, and make sure that at every level you are testing what is working and what is not. With testing your landing page funnels you can quickly gain insights into how and why your prospects are converting and then take advantage of this with up sells or continuity programs.


Start Finding & Capturing Prospects

Start Finding & Capturing Prospects

You have to be passionate about marketing your business to succeed. Your products and services are the life of your company and the premise of all your revenue. Landing page funnels can give your products and services a route to conversion.

The Squeeze Page

The beginning of most funnels is the squeeze page which aims to get data capture before any other information has been delivered.

The Sales Page

This will be one of your most important parts after the data squeeze. This is where you can offer a very quick discount to the product you are selling for a limited period of time.

The Thank You Page

The thank you page makes sure that you are still keeping the relationship hot. It is also used to potentially up sell another product at a good discount before the visitor leaves.

The Conversion

Measuring and analysing your conversions is of the utmost importance and you have to stay ahead of the competition by testing consistently with your funnel marketing campaigns.
Landing page funnels and market testing



The Cycle of landing page funnel conversions is one that will take you across many challenges. Am I targeting the right audience for them? Am I targeting the right locations? Is my timing right? You have to get testing quickly and wrinkle out the kinks.

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